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Lista akronimów / Skrótów UE

Akronimy i skróty najczęściej używane w fiszkach EUROFUNDING oraz w programach funduszowych. Welcomeurope opracowało specjalny słowniczek wyjaśniający terminologię techniczną.

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  • Understanding the concept of candidacy :

    Applications for a grant under a European project needs to check a set of parameters to ensure the project eligibility for EU funding. Among the essential checks, the project applicant and his partners have to ensure that the objectives and actions financed correspond to those defined in the fund...

  • Managing project reporting :

    Project reporting is a critical aspect in the course of a European project; it takes place after the signing of the financing agreement with the European Commission, and determines the actual granting of subsidies.

  • Making a project sheet :

    The realization of a project sheet is a step not to be overlooked. This step is time to stop, ask the right questions, building the steps of the the project cycle and in the long term, save time including ensuring from the beginning, the coherence of the whole project.

  • How to identify the managing authorities? :

    When you consider applying for a European grant, the first step to take is to identify the right managing authority. It is generally the responsible of the funding. The managing authority is responsible for the implementation of European programmes, evaluations of the actions financed…

  • How to identify the funding programme which corresponds to my project? :

    Find the funding program in line with your project

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